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  • River banks fortification and river-bed unbending works
  • Construction of supporting walls
  • Slope fortification and soil reinforcement
  • Relief works
  • Stabilization of soil erosions and soil conservation
  • Facing of channels and dams
  • Sea shore fortification
  • Protection from stone fall
  • Road reinforcement
  • Additional loads and protection of subsurface pipelines
Gabion constructions are used over the 100 years in sphere of stabilization the soil, which is subject to various erosion processes. By accumulating the soil particles, gabion constructions gain more strength and become part of natural relief. The main advantages of gabion constructions are:
Flexibility. Double twisted net allows those constructions to resist external loads without breakage. Gabion structures absorb possible soil erosions without destruction of the construction. That feature is especially important when working with the unsteady soil, and also in washout zones. Strength. Net is reinforced and has variable breakage loads from 3500 up to 5000 kg. Therefore gabion constructions resist any type of the loading.
Penetrability. High penetrability of the gabion constructions excludes onset of hydrostatic loads. Drainage and stability make it perfect for slope protection.
Service period. The efficiency of gabion constructions is not decreased but increased as with the time passing drifts and soil in hollows of gabion constructions are getting compacted and plants germinates.
Economical efficiency. Gabion constructions are more efficient than stiff or semi-stiff constructions in accordance with number of reasons. Most important of those are:
  • Insignificant expenses for usage;
  • Simple constructions which do not demand qualified workers;
  • - availability of the stones for gabions' filling in near-by quarries;
  • - minimal quantity of works directed on preparation of the construction's foundation, surface should be leveled ;
  • - expenses for drainage system arrangement are not demanded, as gabion constructions are penetrable .
Ecological effeciency. As gabion constructions do not obstruct the plant germination and merge with environment, those are natural construction units for landscape decorating.