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It has been the policy of TEXNOLOJI AVADANLIQ company to conduct its activities in full compliance with legislative requirements and clients demands on HSE since establishment of the company in 1997's with an ever increasing effort to improve HSE performance. As being one of the leading companies in the construction industry, the policy has been modified throughout the years which can be stated now as follows:
TEXNOLOJI AVADANLIQ company aims to spend all necessary efforts to protect its employees and other persons which may be affected by its activities from work related injuries and illness, avoid damage to his and second party property and ensure to eliminate environmental pollution while conducting the company activities.

In following this policy, the basic principles are:

  • Any sort of illness, injury can be prevented.
  • To make hazard assessment is a prerequisite before start up of any activity.
  • If any hazard is foreseen during hazard assessment process, the work shall not be started until the measures are taken to manage that hazard.

    If line with the above principles:

    • Management commitment at all levels shall be visible
    • The concept of HSE being a line responsibility shall be introduced to increase staff participation and to improve HSE performance.
    • In order to increase awareness and competence of staff, training shall be provided at all levels through official HSE courses, toolbox meetings, unsafe act/condition auditing, site inspection
    • Considering the diversity of field of activities and related potential hazards, construction procedures containing HSE aspects shall be prepared for each project. HSE manual including standard procedures shall be prepared by making use of already gained in-door experience and other know-how developed in these fields.
    • Although hazards shall also be assessed and measures shall be taken for managing such, Contingency procedures shall also be available in order to minimize harm from any accidents.
    • Accidents shall be investigated and analyzed to determine the causes and weak points in HSE management with the purpose of recommending measures to prevent reoccurrence.
    • We consider environmental management as one of the significant corporate issues and as key parameter of thorough progress. We shall establish policies, programs and practices in order to carry out all our operations in environmentally sound manner
    • We shall make use of best practices from the environmental management point of view in the course of all our operations in order to achieve high level Environmental protection

    Our Environmental policy comprises the following:

        Environmental Management Accounting
    • We shall conduct our activities being aware of sound experience and in comply with the best practice of environmental management.
        Responsibility for Environmental Management
    • To conduct activities with responsibility for environmental management and observe all procedures required for environmental protection.
        Audit and Inspection
    • Control over the execution of actions related to environment, appropriate reporting and making efforts for development of range of environmental management issued and thus, opportunity for establishment of our positive reaction.
        Environmental Protection Advantage
    • Making use of our awareness of environment, so accepting reprocessing methods for reducing of economic costs, minimizing of wastes and recovering of resources.
        Goals of our Environmental Policy
    • Compliance with Legislation Permanent revision and improvement of activities for constant compliance with environmental legislation.
        Clients and Suppliers
    • Assistance to suppliers and creation of incentives in bearing responsibility for environmental protection Resource Utilization.
    • To promote the efficient use of resources by adoption of energy conservation practices and maximizing recovery and recycling opportunities.
        Waste Minimization
    • To take steps to reduce and eliminate the production of waste at every stage of our operations
        Community Responsibilities
    • To conduct operations such that the maintain good relations with our neighbors and the local community.
    • To provide training on our environmental policies and to promote active involvement in all environmental matters

    In summary, TEXNOLOJI AVADANLIQ company shall assess health, safety, environment matters before entering into new activities and develop project specific HSE plans. In improving these plans, the main objective is the full implementation of the HSE policy with the minimum standard of legislative requirements and client specifications with the ultimate goal of "Lost time free" work completion.